Binding Solutions works with mines, industrial mills and owners of waste fine stockpiles. We agglomerate their material into a pellet or briquette to a client's specification using a small percentage of organic, non-deleterious binder, typically 0.5% (with a range from 0.05%-2%). BSL licenses the technology on a royalty basis.

Our focus is on 3 markets

Pelletising Primary Materials:  

Producing high quality pellets from materials such as iron ore concentrate and chrome at the mine or at a smelter. 

Industrial Mills​:             

Pelletising waste fines at industrial plants, turning waste streams at the furnace into valuable feedstock.


Mine Waste​:                      

Pelletising stockpiles and other fine waste materials (Iron ore, Manganese, Chrome, Nickel, Coal and Bauxite) at a mine into a pellets equivalent in value to lump